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APAV on Cybersecurity Summer Bootcamp 2019

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Credits: Gustavo Serrano

APAV attended the Cybersecurity Summer Bootcamp 2019 (https://www.incibe.es/en/summer-bootcamp), hosted by the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE), which took place in the Spanish city of León between the 15th and the 27th of July. The event is intended for people working in cybersecurity, law enforcement and judicial magistrates.

On July 24th, in the auditorium of the city of León, a series of workshops on the theme of online sexual abuse of minors. The Safe Internet Line (LIS) operational manager, Ricardo Estrela, was one of the guest speakers, presenting the work that LIS develops in combating the spread of online sexual abuse content as a member of the INHOPE association.