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APAV promotes the first APAV regional volunteer meeting

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The fifth of December is International Volunteer Day. Established by the ONU, this day reinforces the importance of valuing all members of the society who freely and spontaneously ally to provide ongoing support to the most vulnerable and disadvantage individuals in their community. For us, this date is intended to give voice and expression to national and international volunteering initiatives, seeking to give them fair visibility and merit through their impetus in APAV’s work; joint action to promote equality, cohesion, beneficence and civic justice.

Since its foundation, APAV has the privilege to collaborate with a huge and continuous number of volunteers, who act in an unselfish and free way to serve the mission and vision of the institution in supporting victims of crime, their families and friends. Each volunteer makes an essential contribute to our activity to providing support.

Publicly, we want to express our gratitude for all the generosity shown by the volunteers who make possible a better support for the victims of crime and violence.

Marking the date, APAV promoted the first APAV regional volunteer meeting, in Mercado de Culturas in Lisbon. Besides being an event of an educative, sharing, reflection and animation nature, this meeting sims to strengthen the good relationship between all and make the belonging spirit to APAV even stronger.