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30 years APAV | Commemorative Book

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«Thirty years for the rights of victims. Thirty years of memory and future. »

Domestic violence, cybercrime, harassment, hate crimes. In the Year that celebrates 30 years, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support brings together in a book 15 short stories and 15 original illustrations that have as their starting point crimes that often come to them through the voice of the supported victims. The book “À Roda de uma Vontade” came to bookstores on November 13th.

For this project, APAV has the support of Quetzal Editores, which contributes to this cause, inscribing its work in the defense of the values of citizenship and equality in general, and in the idea of a more just and less violent society, in particular.

Participate in this book with their texts and illustrations:

Julieta Monginho | Nádia Neves | Isabel Ventura | Tiago de Albuquerque | Mariana Alvim | Alex Gozblau | Carlos Pinto de Abreu | Xavier Almeida | Manuel António Ferreira Antunes | Mantraste | Edson Athayde | Cinara Saiónára | Raquel Ribeiro | Drika Prates | Luís Filipe Borges | Anabela Canas | Diogo Batáguas | André Letria | Lúcia Lourenço Gonçalves | Júlio Dolbeth | Nuno Amaral Jorge | Ana Beatriz Marques | Ana Paula Figueira | Tiago Dinis | Aline Frazão | Ana Biscaia | Filipa Leal | Clara Não | Inês Amado da Silva | Susa Monteiro

The book is now available in physical and online bookstores. It is now possible to buy the book at Bertrand, FNAC, Almedina, Wook and others. Also available on the Quetzal website.