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APAV hosted VSE International Staff Exchange

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During the week of November 8 to 12, a visit to Lisbon was promoted by Victim Support Europe and organized by APAV. From Estonia, we received four representatives of the Estonian Social Insurance Board; and from Croatia, one representative of the Victim and Witness Support Service and another of Service for Victim and Witness Support of Justice and Public Administration ministry.  

During these days, we spoked about communication and shared some ideas on how to spread relevant information to the victims. There was also a chance to get to know the work developed in Alcipe’s Shelter Home and also to visit the facilities of the Integrated Distance Support Services. It was debated awareness campaigns, fundraisings and how to manage the relation with the media; the ceremony of APAV’s Journalism Award 2021 was also a part of the schedule.

These international exchange moments are fundamental to the process of sharing ideas on how the different countries are responding to the challenges, that are mostly common. Due to this information exchange we can evolve and learn new approaches that may always come in handy.