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Sara de Melo Rocha wins APAV Award for Journalism

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Journalist Sara de Melo Rocha, from TSF, is the winner of the third edition of APAV Award for Journalism, with the report The letters I’ve never wrote, The silences of domestic violence survivors.

The panel highlighted that this work “presents an aesthetic that takes us to something almost fictional, although it isn’t,, giving space to the power of the victims’ voices and words. It sets a difference on its presentation and in the way it offers the listener a narrative in several voices. It is also noteworthy that this work was developed outside of a big urban centre, revealing the importance of local journalism and proving that there is always a story to be told everywhere.” 

The ceremony of APAV Award for Journalism 2021 was hosted in Lisbon , on El Corte Inglês’ room of Cultural Scope, on the 8th November and it was attended by the winner, Sara de Melo Rocha, APAV’s President, João Lázaro; the Head of Communication of El Corte Inglês, Susana Santos and Founding Member and President of the APAV's General Assembly Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio, who participated remotely in this event.  

APAV Award for Journalism has a monetary value of 1.500€, sponsored by El Corte Inglés, and it was also awarded a trophy by designer Gonçalo Falcão. 

The winning piece can be consulted here.