No Means Stop! - Campaign for the prevention of sexual violence among university students

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The Project UNISEXO, promoted by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, envisages acting on preventing sexual violence in higher education institutions, focusing primarily on occasional and dating relationships established by university students.

The devaluation of forced sex in intimate relationships and of minor sexual acts (like touches and forced kisses), the increase of the use of alcohol and other substances in a festive environment and the usual excesses in academic festivities are factors that may lead victims not to denounce or even perceive them as criminal acts.

The main activity of Project UNISEXO is the development a campaign for the prevention of sexual violence among university students. The campaign will be held through diverse means, namely: video and radio spots, leaflets, posters and street furniture, along with other materials. The campaign aims to bind a key message: “No Means Stop! Respect the will of others. Sexual violence is a crime.

Project UNISEXO is financed by the QREN/POPH (National Reference Strategic Framework/Operational Programme Human Potential), Axis 7 – Gender Equality, measure 7.3. – technical and financial support to NGO’s, measure managed by the National Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.