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New campaign: Fight Hate with Respect #respectbattles

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APAV promotes the new campaign "Fight Hate with Respect". This campaign aims to raise awareness against hate speech and hate crime. This campaign features five of the most proeminent hip-hop artists of the Portuguese musical scene: Ace (ethnic and racial hate); M7 (hate against LGBTIQ+ people), Papillon (hate and religious intolerance), Estraca (hate agains migrants and refugees) and Malabá (general theme).

The campaign is inspired by the concept of Rap Battles - musical battles that have hatred as genesis and in which insults are exchanged, as in the relationship between those who hate and those who hate them. In this campaign, the fight is against hate and not against people. Here, the protagonists are brought face-to-face with the victims - and instead of shouting words of hatred, they shout words of respect.

This campaign was developed under the project Hate No More, a project co-financed by the European Union's Rights, Equality and Citizenship / Justice Program, with the national partnership of the Judiciary Police and the General Prosecutor's Office, as well as the associated partnership of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, and with European partner organizations - Faith Matters (United Kingdom), Solidarci (Italy), Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Sweden), Victim Support Austria (Austria) and Victim Support Malta (Malta).

APAV coordinates the portuguese Safer Internet Helpline

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From January 2019 the Portuguese Victim Support Association will join the Safer Internet Centre (CIS) and the services of the portuguese Safer Internet Helpline and the Internet Alert Helpline will be under the coordination of APAV.

The Safer Internet Helpline is based on telephone and online assistance, with the aim of promoting safer use of the Internet, providing support to victims of cybercrime and counseling in the adoption of safe online behaviors. The Safer Internet Helpline is available through the number 800 21 90 90 (business days between 9am and 9pm) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Internet Alert Helpline is a platform for reporting illegal online content, including content of sexual abuse of minors, apology to violence and apology to racism / xenophobia. More information: linhaalerta.internetsegura.pt

APAV participates in workshop on victim support helplines

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A workshop on victim support helplines and distance support was held in the German city of Mainz, on the 6th and 7th of December. This initiative was promoted by Victim Support Europe and was supported by Weisser Ring (Germany).

APAV participated in the workshop, presenting its experience in communicating and disseminating the Victim Support Line / System of Integrated Support at a Distance. The APAV communication was presented by Ricardo Estrela and Nuno Catarino.

João Lázaro re-elected president of Victim Support Europe

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The Portuguese Association for Victim Support is pleased to announce that João Lázaro, APAV's president, was unanimously re-elected president of Victim Support Europe (VSE) for a second three-year term. The re-election took place in Brussels on the December 11th, during the VSE General Assembly.

Today, Victim Support Europe leads the defense and promotion of the rights of victims of crime in Europe. The remarkable growth of the organization, only possible due to the commitment of the VSE board and staff, is reflected in an increasingly global action of the organization. The VSE board is currently composed of ten members of organizations from various European countries: Germany, France, Northern Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Croatia and Finland.

After the election, the VSE re-elected president addressed words of appreciation and appreciation to all members of the organization's staff, without whom VSE growth would not be possible. He also thanked the team for its confidence in his work, reinforcing the motivation and commitment that led him to preside over this organization, which aims to be the voice of all victims of crime in Europe.

VSE has been established since 1990 as the organization that brings together the various victim support services and organizations in Europe - currently representing 54 European national victim support organizations in 29 countries.

APAV presents the new magazine Miscellanea #6

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APAV presents the new edition of the magazine Miscellanea APAV. The launching session took place at the APAV Headquarters in Lisbon, on the December 27th. Miscellanea APAV is a magazine promoted by APAV that aims to disseminate scientific articles and reflection on issues related to victims of crime or victim support. This sixth edition of Miscellanea APAV brings together four original articles and is illustrated with a selection of photos by Sérgio Aires.

Miscellanea APAV #6
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