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APAV has published its Annual Report 2019.

The data available includes the support processes face-to-face, via phone and online of last year lead by the 64 APAV proximity services: by the at a distance support system (victim support helpline 116 006 + online support), the network of Victim Support Offices (GAV), the network of accommodation facilities and by the three networks of specialized support: UAVMD - Support Unit for Migrant and Discrimination Victims; CARE - Support to Children and Youngsters victims of Sexual Violence; and RAFAVHT- Support to Family and Friends of Victims of Homicide and Terrorism.

In 2019, APAV registered a total of 54.403 support services, an increase of 18% compared to 2018 (46.371). There was also a growth of 25% in the number of victims supported by APAV (from 9.344 in 2018 para 11.676 in 2019) and increase of 45% of the crimes and other forms of violence reported (from 20.589 in 2018 to 29.816 in 2019).

The report also allows to differentiate the contexts of victimization and the types of victims: in 2019, APAV supported 1.350 elderly people (+65 years old) victims of crime (in average, 4 per day and 26 per week); 1.473 children and youngsters (in average, 4 per day and 28 per week); 1.617 adult men (in average, 4 per day e 31 per week) and 8.394 adult women (in average, 23 per day and 161 per week).

The 2019 data aligns with the previous years’ tendencies, with a majority of female victims (81%). From the 11.676 supported by APAV in 2019, 79% were victims of domestic violence. It is important to point out that crimes against property were 1.8% of the total number of crimes registered by APAV.

Within the scope of formation and of awareness and prevention of violence, 1.911 formative activities took place, involving a total of 47.171 participants.

As Portugal’s biggest non-profit organization for the support of victims of crime, their families and friends, APAV aims, through this report, to provide information concerning the realities of criminality and victimization in the country.

Accepting Gabinete da Secretária de Estado da Cidadania e Igualdade (SECI)’s challenge and funding, APAV opened an emergency temporary accommodation center, with the support of multiple partners. More information available in https://www.apav.pt/apav_v3/index.php/pt/2298.

During this period of confinement, APAV is still available to support victims. Even though face-to-face services are under restrictions, the at a distance support has been reinforced, and it is available on weekdays, from 9:00 to 21:00, through Victim Support Helpline | 116 006, the Safe Internet Line | 800 21 90 90, Messenger | apav.portugal and Skype | apav_lav.

APAV opens Emergency Temporary Accommodation Center for women victims of domestic violence

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APAV has opened an Emergency Temporary Accommodation Center for women victims of domestic violence, under the suggestion and funding of Gabinete da Secretária de Estado da Cidadania e Igualdade (SECI) and with the support of Town Hall of Odivelas and other partners (Junta de Freguesia de Arroios, Bank of Portugal, Autocambota, ALTICE, El Corte Inglés and Ministry of Culture).

The new center will receive women victims of domestic violence, with or without underage children. The Emergency Temporary Accommodation Center will be active for the next three months, but the period of activity might be extended for another three months depending on the evolution of the health situation in the country.

Resulting from a collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the center contains a testing for COVID-19 structure, which includes waiting and confinement rooms for the women who may need them.
In this extraordinary moment, in which there are a lot of issues concerning social distancing and quarantine due to COVID-19, it is known, mainly through reports from other countries, that there is a tendency for the increase of domestic violence related situations.

APAV has earned the status of Portugal’s biggest organization for the support of victims of crime, namely women victims of domestic violence, and has experience in managing Safe Houses and Emergency Vacancies. Therefore, the Emergency Temporary Accommodation Center for women victims of domestic violence can rely on the institution’s knowledge and performance in this area, oriented by the respect for people and professionalism.

Donate 0,5% of your income tax to APAV: 502 547 952

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Donate 0.5% of your tax return to APAV: 502 547 952

From 1st April to 30th June, you can donate 0.5% of your tax return to APAV while filling your tax return declaration.

On Portal das Finanças, on Quadro 11, select Campo 1101 (Instituições particulares de solidariedade social ou pessoas coletivas de utilidade pública).

Once there, write APAV’s tax identification number - 502 547 952 – and select option IRS. By helping APAV, you are helping victims of all kinds of crime.

Starting from scratch, 0.5% at a time.



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APAV presents a new campaign on social isolation. In times when social restraint and isolation are imperative, APAV warns for the possible increase in domestic violence, cybercrime and crimes against property. The campaign was developed creatively by the agency CARMEN (YoungNetwork Group).

USA Ambassador in Portugal visit APAV headquarters

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Visita Embaixador EUA mar20205  Visita Embaixador EUA mar202060 Visita Embaixador EUA mar202025 Visita Embaixador EUA mar202056

On 9th March, USA ambassador George E. Glass and embaixatriz Mary Glass, from the nation's Embassy and Consulate in Portugal, visited APAV.

João Lázaro, APAV’s president, and Carmen Rasquete, secretary-general, conducted a visit through APAV’s headquarters that concluded in talks about the organization’s work and a potencial partnership between APAV and the USA Embassy.