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Conference: The Protection of Vulnerable Adults in Europe - the Way Forward

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Due to the priorities defined for the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Ministry of Justice, with the support of the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), will hold on March 30, in a format virtual, a High Level Conference with the theme "The Protection of Vulnerable Adults in Europe - the Way Forward".

People with disabilities or weaknesses in your personal abilities and victims of hate crimes or gender violence are among those adults who may face specific challenges in the exercise of their rights, in the defense of their interests and in access to justice in civil and criminal cases.

The Conference offers an opportunity to reflect on the current situation and to anticipate the necessary measures to ensure that all European citizens can enjoy their fundamental rights, including, in practice, equal access to justice.

The APAV President, João Lázaro, will participate in the painel “Challenges in the protection of vulnerable victims and in promoting in criminal process - building bridges through the Victims Strategics”. 

The Conference program is available online.

Registration through the link: https://participants.ppue2021.pt

CAP SUL - Reception and Protection Center

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APAV manages the Reception and Protection Center (CAP SUL), which has an emergency and extended reception response targeted at women victims of human trafficking, accompanied or not by children. The capacity is 8 vacancies and works 24 hours a day.

CAP SUL's work aims at a personalized and qualified intervention with these victims, contributing to an environment of stability, security and protection according to the needs identified in the reception.

The intervention is ensured by a multidisciplinary team, fluent of the Russian, Romanian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and English, which provide daily monitoring through emotional and practical, psychological and legal support, as well as the promotion of training, professional and social skills. for the integration of victims.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we remember that racism, xenophobia and forms of discriminatory violence motivated by prejudice and hate are still a reality with which we live and against which it is still necessary to fight.

APAV provides specialized support to victims of racial or ethnic discrimination. We are available through 116 006, the Migrant Victim and Discrimination Support Unit and the Victim Support Offices.

European Day in Memory of the Victims of Terrorism

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11MARCH2021 02479204

Is the European Day in Memory of the Victims of Terrorism, On this date, in 2004, took place the terrible attacks on the train station of Atocha, in Madrid, that cause 193 deaths and left over 2000 people injured. Along with the attacks in New York, in 2001, and in London, in 2005, terrorism has become a constant notion worldwide.

This day aims to keep the memory of those who were killed by these radical causes alive, making their “voices”, as well as their families’ and friends’, heard. This is part of the process of recovery and humanizes the victims. It reminds us that the attacks were not directed at specific sector of society, but against real people, who are someone's family and / or friends. 

Since 2016, APAV has been supporting victims and families and friends of victims of terrorist attacks abroad through the specialized network Support for Family Members and Friends of Homicide and Terrorism Victims (RAFAVHVT). APAV also works on preventing and fighting radicalization.
The Counter@ct Project - prevention and combating radicalization, promoted by APAV, has implemented a campaign of positive narratives of integration by migrants and refugees.

We must not forget the terrorist attacks victims, but we should keep in mind that not only those directly affected but all of us, as a society, no matter the race, nationality, sexual orientation or gender, are victims of terrorism. Celebrating this day is also celebrating the diversity that makes us European citizens.

22 February | European Day for Victims of Crime

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APAV celebrates the European Day for Victims of Crime, highlighting the importance of supporting children and young people victims of crime and violence. Tomorrow, February 23, at 10 am, on APAV's YouTube, we present the Hora de SER Prevention Program - Sensitize and Educate for Relationships and highlight the SER Plus Project. APAV also joins Victim Support Europe in launching the campaigns "You may not believe it, but it exists" and "Reclaim Your Safety".

Today, February 22, marks the European Day for the Victim of Crime. This anniversary was instituted by Victim Support Europe (VSE), an organization that brings together 61 victim support institutions from 31 European countries, to remember the rights of victims of crime. The Portuguese Association for Victim Support was one of the founding members of the VSE and currently the presidency is held by João Lázaro, also President of APAV.

Among the objectives that are part of APAV's mission, stands out the investment in the protection and recognition of specific rights, needs and interests of victims of crime and, in particular, of particularly vulnerable victims.

Children and young people represent, by your age,the greatest difficulty in asserting your rights and the lesser capacity or autonomy to report and / or seek help, a group particularly vulnerable to victimization. For this reason, APAV has consistently acted in the promotion and protection of its rights.


Focus: Support for children and youth victims of crime and / or violence

APAV develops a network with governmental and civil society organizations, through the celebration of formal protocols and the creation of interinstitutional bridges which aim to streamline, in an articulated way, the support and the exercise of the rights of children and young victims of crime and violence.

Among the 68 services, which currently embody APAV's main mission, children and young people continue to deserve particular attention, regardless of the violent phenomenon they were targeted.

In addition to being able to benefit from non-face-to-face support, through the Integrated Distance Support Service, children and young people will be able to go to one of the Victim Support Offices, Mobile Victim Support Teams or Roaming Assistance Poles.In the event of a situation of Domestic Violence or Human Trafficking, children and young people may be welcomed together with their mothers, in one of the two Shelter Houses or in the APAV Shelter and Protection Center.

We highlight the work carried out by the CARE Network - Support for Children and Youth victims of sexual violence, a unique answer of national and specialized support for children and young people victims of sexual violence and by the Support Network for Family and Friends of Victims of Homicide and Terrorism who has supported children and young people who experience consequences related to attempted homicides.

We also highlight the contribution of the Internet Safe Line (800 219 090), a service that provides telephone or online support, anonymously and confidentially, on issues related to the use of online platforms and technologies.


Inform,sensitize and prevent

APAV has maintained a constant presence in learning contexts, from pre-school to secondary education. In 2019, approximately 30,000 children and young people were involved in awareness and information actions. The most requested topics by schools have been bullying, cybercrime, domestic violence, dating violence and sexual violence.

It has also made efforts to develop specific technological resources to inform children and young people, as is the case with the websites apavparajovens.pt, and abcjustica.pt.


Presentation of the SER Plus Project

With a more specific focus on preventing violence through the promotion of positive relationships, a call to the Prevention Program 'Hora de Ser' - Sensitize and Educate for Relationships, aimed at children between 6 and 10 years old. The presentation of this program and its resources will be highlighted in the Commemorative Event of the SER Plus Project, on February 23, starting at 10 am, on APAV's Youtubee Facebook channel.


APAV joins VSE in launching two new campaigns

"You won't believe it, but it exists"

Victim Support Europe also announces the launch of the “You won’t believe, but it exists” campaign. Conducted with 14 partners across 13 different countries, the campaign intends to inform general public of the existence of victim support services and to encourage victims to reach out these services. The campaign will deliver tailored information about the support services to the estimated more than 9 million of victims of crimes in the 13 countries. Animation speed-paintings, videos and other information materials (billboards, posters, brochures, stickers, etc.) will be rolled out in social media and offline from 22 of February till the end of 2021 under the hashtag #itexists.

"Reclaim Your Safety"

APAV joins Victim Support Europe launching the “Promoting Rights of European Victims” (PREVICT) campaign. Conducted with 8 partners across 6 different countries, the campaign intends to inform general public of the existence of victim support services and to encourage victims to reach out these services. The campaign will deliver tailored information about the support services to the estimated more than 4,5 million of victims of crimes in the six countries. Videos and other information materials (billboards, posters, brochures, stickers, etc.) will be rolled out in social media and offline from February till May 2021 under the hashtags #ReclaimYourSafety and #TogetherWeCan.