What are they?


Victim Support Offices are local offices that provide support services to victims of crime and their families in their communities.

Each Victim Support Office seeks to promote APAV’s standing within the local community.  They strive to develop close relationships within the community while remaining true to APAV's core philosophy by using available resources in a way that most effectively supports victims of crime in the community.

APAV’s Victim Support Offices constitute a national network present in many major cities around the country.

Each Victim Support Office is made up of an Administrator (who is responsible for administrative and technical activities) and a team of voluntary technicians and support staff provide assistance to victims of crime.

What support do they provide?

The Victim Support Offices offer, according to the resources of their network of volunteers, services for emotional, legal, psycological and social support for victims of crime. The services are provided in a personalized manner.


The Migrant Victim Support Unit is a specific support unit created by APAV and co-financed by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Countries. The goal of this unit is addressing the problems of a specific group, which is a preferred target group for various types of crimes due to its vulnerability, and providing the lacking specialized support.