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Project “May I help you?”



Project May I Help you? — Applying to the EC Programme Criminal Justice, under the General Programme "Prevention and Fight Against Crime 2008" — aims to improve the information and support given to persons who are victims of a crime in another Member State. In fact, a non-resident person, who is victim of a crime in a foreign country, might feel even more vulnerable than if the crime takes place in the country of residence. The language and culture differences can become a serious obstacle when searching for help and support after the crimes occurs.

Considering that:

the rights of crime victims are to be applied equally regardless of age, sex, sexuality, race, disability, occupation, religious belief or political opinion of the person concerned;

  • Each Member State shall ensure that its competent authorities can take appropriate measures to minimize the difficulties faced where the victim is a resident of a State other than the one where the offence has occurred, particularly with regard to the organization of the proceedings (2001/220/JHA: Council Framework Decision of 15 March 2001 on the standing of victims in criminal proceedings);
  • that crime victims in the European Union should be entitled to fair and appropriate compensation for the injuries they have suffered, regardless of where in the European Community the crime was committed (Council Directive 2004/80/EC of 29 April 2004 relating to compensation to crime victims);
  • that it's crucial for a non-resident person who is victim of a crime in a foreign country, to easily know where and how to get help and support, without facing linguistic difficulties;

Project May I Help You? aims to overcome some of the obstacles faced by victims that are resident in another Member State, through the development of several activities.

Project May I Help You? will carry on for 24 months, starting in December 2008, during which the following activities will take place:

  • 2-day study visits in each country taking part of Project May I Help You?. The host country will organise study visits to entities and organisations related to the protection of victims, specially the support and information to victims resident in another Member State. Before each study visit the host country organises a workshop to exchange information, knowledge and best practices. These workshops can also provide information and ideas for the development of the Project Information Booklet;
  • reports about each study visit and workshop;
  • Information booklet (in Portuguese, English and Spanish) to be disseminated in different agencies and entities that have a direct contact with non-residents (for example tourists, professionals working in another country). This information booklet will be one of the main outcomes of the Project, since it aims to include the following data:
  • The victims rights;
  • How to get support in each partner country;
  • Where to get support in each partner country;
  • Brief explanation on the criminal proceedings in each partner country — "What happens after being a victim of a crime in a foreign country"
  • Final publication will be the result of the knowledge and information exchange during the study visits and workshops, including the communications presented during the workshops, in order to disseminate the main results achieved during the project. This publication can be disseminated trough key actors or entities that have a direct contact with non-residents (for example tourists, professionals working in another country) and victims resident in another Member State .


APAV — Portuguese Association for Victim Support (English)

Our role, as promoter, will be to coordinate the Project May I Help You in strict collaboration with the partnership. The promoter will organize, together with national partners the study visit and the workshop that will occur in Portugal. The promoter will also be in charge of the design, development, translation, and production of the final publication, which dissemination will be guaranteed by all the partners. The study visits and workshops to be held in each partner country involved in the Project will be organized by the host country. The promoter will make the reports about the field trips and workshops together with the final evaluation report. The schedule of the events will be decided together.


National partners involved in the Project May I Help You:

  • Commission for the Protection of Victims of Violent Crimes — from the Portuguese Ministry of Justice (English)


International partners with whom we are developing the partnership agreement:

  • Oficines d'atenció a la víctima del delicate — Generalitat de Catalunya



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