• If you don’t know the offender, try to keep in your memory as much information as possible that could help identifying him/her: height, age range, eye colour, hair, clothes, any other particular characteristic (e.g.: accent, moles, scars, tattoos, piercings, dental braces, glasses) or even any information about the vehicle used by the offender.
  • Try to stay calm. Avoid confrontation or reacting violently towards the offender.
  • Try to catch the attention of a witness who can help you.
  • Try to run away to a place where you feel safer or where there are people who can help you.
  • If you can, call 112. This is an emergency number that operates 24/7 all year round. The call is free.

- Your call will be answered by an operator who will ask for information about what is happening and for details of the place where you are and your contact. The operator will send the appropriate resources to help you, such as the Police and the emergency ambulance services (INEM), if necessary.

- Click here to know more about the emergency number.