Who can perpetrate sexual violence?


The person who commits sexual violence aims to obtain sexual pleasure and/or financial or other benefits (e.g. money, advantages).

This person is also, in most cases, aware of what they are doing and plans their involvement with the victim.

Contrary to what one might think, sexual violence is not only committed by people unknown to the victim.


In fact, sexual violence can be committed by different people, such as:

  • People totally unknown to the victim

  • People who know the victim through online relationships

  • People who know the victim from various activities or relationships (e.g. colleague, neighbour, professional)

  • A close relative of the victim (e.g. parent, grandparent, uncle, cousin, sibling, godparent...)

  • A person who has or has had an intimate relationship with the victim (e.g. dating, marriage, civil partnership or casual relationship - a one-night stand)


Sexual violence can be committed by both men/boys and women/girls, regardless of their age and their living and family conditions (e.g. place where they live, type of family, extracurricular activities they have...).


If you have been aggressive towards someone, you can find out more about the consequences and ways of dealing with it here.


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