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From the beginning of times people were travelling across the world regardless of frontiers or Sovereignty of States. Borders of countries started to be defined and laws concerning their crossing started to be developed. No rules were ever a true limit to the nomad instinct of Human kind. This is the link that brings together in a harmonious way people that moves around in the world. Different languages, culture, life stories, become knowledge of the world.

It is a fact that crimes occur in every country, they are, unfortunately a part of our society. Taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of people is a common practice amongst criminals. When a person is a victim of crime, she suffers a traumatic event that has strong consequences reflected in several levels: social, economical and psychological.

Project May I Help You? aims to improve the information and support given to persons who are victims of a crime in another Member State. In fact, who is victim of a crime in a foreign country, might feel even more vulnerable than if the crime takes place in the country of origin.