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The Seminar “Infovictims: innovation in promoting victims’ rights” will be in Porto, at the Atmosfera M, on the 7th of April 2016.

The European scenario, as a result of the EU Member States implementation of the Parliament and of the Council establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime, brought new challenges and necessary (re) adaptations both on the criminal justice systems and on victim support services.

In addition, the paradigm shift imposed by the growing significance of the information and communications technologies has triggered the promotion of new victims support models. These new models are mainly focused on the search for innovative responses and services closer to victims, their families and friends.

What is the state of the art concerning victims’ rights in Europe? Which are the most pressing challenges?

Which innovative ways are Member States drawing to improve the provision of information, support and manner of dealing with victims?

How to reach even more victims? Which new forms of providing information and support are arising in the field?

We invite you to discuss and try to find answers to these and other cross-cutting issues for victims of crime in Portugal and in Europe. Come take part in this unique moment for best practices exchange together with practitioners and experts on criminal justice, EU law and victim support.

This Seminar is developed under “Project INFOVICTIMS II” (co-financed by the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union) and promoted be APAV | Portuguese Association for Victim Support in partnership with Victim Support Scotland (Scotland), Weisser Ring Germany (Germany), Subvenia Victima (Poland), Victim Support Europe, Weisser Ring Austria (Austria), Public Security Police (PSP) and Directorate-General of Justice Administration (DGAJ).



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