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11th march | European Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Terrorism

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Is the European Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Terrorism, On this date, in 2004, took place the terrible attacks on the train station of Atocha, in Madrid, that cause 193 deaths and left over 2000 people injured. Along with the attacks in New York, in 2001, and in London, in 2005, terrorism has become a constant notion worldwide.

Nowadays, because of the Middle East political situation and the refugees crisis, Europe is stage of violence and extremist rhetoric by religious, nationalist and identity movements. We witness this radicalization in different sectors of society, which leads to an ever-growing polarization of the differences between “we” and “the others”.

European Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Terrorism aims to keep the memory of those who were killed by these radical causes alive, making their “voices”, as well as their families’ and friends’, heard. This is part of the process of recovery and humanizes the victims. It reminds us that the attacks were not directed at specific sector of society, but against real people: wives, parents, partners and friends. People with names, faces and life stories suddenly interrupted.

Since 2016, APAV has been supporting victims and families and friends of victims of terrorist attacks abroad through the specialized network Support for Family Members and Friends of Homicide and Terrorism Victims (RAFAVHVT). APAV also works on preventing and fighting radicalization. This year, Project Counter@ct, promoted by APAV, will launch a campaign of positive narratives of integration of young refugees.

We must not forget the terrorist attacks victims, but we should keep in mind that not only those directly affected but all of us, as a society, no matter the race, nationality, sexual orientation or gender, are victims of terrorism. Celebrating this day is also celebrating the diversity that makes us European citizens.


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The 17th edition of APAV’s solidarity race will happen on the 23rd May, at 18:00, in Lisbon, the point of both departure and arrival being Praça do Império, in Belém.

Besides the race of 10km, there will also take place the traditional Families’ March (5km) as well as the Kids Race.

As usual, the registration fees will be donated to APAV.


APAV, 30 Years for the Rights of Victims

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Thirty years ago, the first steps were taken towards the creation of what is currently considered a national reference organization in support of victims of crime in Portugal. In a context of awareness of the rights of the victim of crime and with the aim of addressing the lack of any support structure for this, was born APAV - Portuguese Association for Victim Support.

This year 2020, APAV celebrates 30 years of existence. Over three decades, the institution has transformed challenges into opportunities, charted a path of effort and perseverance, established itself as an active voice in society contributing to its balance and pacification and has become more agile and responsible in building a Portuguese society. fairer and more democratic society.

More information (in Portuguese):

VICToRIIA Project final conference | Brussels

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The final conference of  VICToRIIA Project: Best Practices in Victim’s Support: Referrals, Information, Individual Assessment took place on the 20th February, in the Permanent Representation of Romenia to the European Union, in Brussels.

João Lázaro, president of both APAV and Victim Support Europe, welcomed Romanian ambassador Căllin Stoica, who reinforced the importance of the debate on crime victims’ rights both in Europe and in Romania specifically, where there is still a long way to go before consolidating these rights. The opening panel included also Algimantas Čepas, director of Lithuania’s Crime Prevention Center, VICToRIIA Project’s promoter.

In the conference, besides discussing the main obstacles and best practices in victim’s support in terms of referrals, information, and individual assessment put in place in Portugal, Romania, Italy and Lithuania, it was also given attention to future actions towards the establishment of these rights.

APAV’s Marta Carmo and Frederico Marques presented the Portuguese contributes and measures adopted within the project, such as Infovictims and referrals pilot projects.

Consign 0,5% of your income tax to APAV. It only costs time.

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“Consign 0,5% of your income tax to APAV. It only costs time.” is APAV’s campaign on income tax consignation, developed by a group of students from School of Communication and Media Studies - Ana Faria, Clarisse Dias, Cláudia Fortes, Inês Santos, João Pedro Pereira, Rita Pequeno de Oliveira.

From 1st April to 30th June, while filling your income tax declaration, you can donate 0,5% of the tax to APAV. Once on the Finance Portal, on Table 11, select Field 1101 (Private Institutions of Social Solidarity or Collective Persons with Public Interest), insert APAV’s Tax Identification Number - 502 547 952 – and select the income tax option.

By helping APAV, you’re supporting victims of all kinds of crime.