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APAV 30 Years | APAV joins Queerfest Festival

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The Queerfest Festival will take place on 8, 11 and 12th September, at PENHA SCO (Lisbon) SMUP (Parede), led by Rui Eduardo Paes and Maria do Mar. The festival is dedicated to queer music and performance, but it is also a place for reflexion and debate. Among music, performance and activism, the festival is a space for new projects and voices, the goal being to fight against discrimination, homophobia, sexism and xenophobia.

APAV is partnering up with Queerfest as part of its 30th birthday celebration program. The festival is promoting a fundraising campaign online in order to make the event possible.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/queerfestlx/.

If you can’t turn it off, call us

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APAV has released a new awareness campaign against domestic violence: “If you can’t turn it off, call us”. The campaign creatives are HAVAS Portugal.

In the midst of mandatory social isolation, APAV draws attention to the possible rise of domestic violence and reminds people they can ask help through the Victim Support Helpline|116 006, Messenger|apav.portugal or Skype | apav_lav.

PROVICTIMS Newsletter #3 is now available

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APAV and its partners in project PROVICTIMS: The Role of the Public Prosecutor in the Promotion of Victims' Rights, launched the third edition of the project's newsletter which gives an account of the activities that are being carried out.

Project PROVICTIMS is an initiative co-financed by the Justice Program of the European Union which aims to study the role of Public Prosecutors in the effective implementation of victims' rights and present practical recommendations in this regard.

In this project, APAV has the partnership of the General Prosecutors’ Office, the Center for Investigation of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon and, at European level, organizations from Croatia, Ireland and the Basque Country, Spain.

APAV Lauches the 2nd APAV Award for Journalism

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In order to recognize the quality, relevance and importance of journalism made in Portugal, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support launches the second edition of APAV Award for Journalism.

The Award, which has the support of El Corte Inglés, is awarded annually to the best journalistic piece that, in the previous year, contributed to the knowledge of the themes or problems related to the support to victims of crime in Portugal.

Journalistic works developed in the following categories: press, radio, television, digital journalism and illustration / cartoon may compete. Applications must be submitted by May 31, using the online form.

The APAV Award for Journalism has a monetary value of 1,500 euros and a trophy, designed by designer Gonçalo Falcão, will also be delivered.

The panel of judges consists of Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio (Founding Associate and Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of APAV), Sofia Branco (President of the Sindicato dos Jornalistas) and André Sendin (President of the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social). The date of delivery of the Award will be announced in the future.

For more information:



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APAV has published its Annual Report 2019.

The data available includes the support processes face-to-face, via phone and online of last year lead by the 64 APAV proximity services: by the at a distance support system (victim support helpline 116 006 + online support), the network of Victim Support Offices (GAV), the network of accommodation facilities and by the three networks of specialized support: UAVMD - Support Unit for Migrant and Discrimination Victims; CARE - Support to Children and Youngsters victims of Sexual Violence; and RAFAVHT- Support to Family and Friends of Victims of Homicide and Terrorism.

In 2019, APAV registered a total of 54.403 support services, an increase of 18% compared to 2018 (46.371). There was also a growth of 25% in the number of victims supported by APAV (from 9.344 in 2018 para 11.676 in 2019) and increase of 45% of the crimes and other forms of violence reported (from 20.589 in 2018 to 29.816 in 2019).

The report also allows to differentiate the contexts of victimization and the types of victims: in 2019, APAV supported 1.350 elderly people (+65 years old) victims of crime (in average, 4 per day and 26 per week); 1.473 children and youngsters (in average, 4 per day and 28 per week); 1.617 adult men (in average, 4 per day e 31 per week) and 8.394 adult women (in average, 23 per day and 161 per week).

The 2019 data aligns with the previous years’ tendencies, with a majority of female victims (81%). From the 11.676 supported by APAV in 2019, 79% were victims of domestic violence. It is important to point out that crimes against property were 1.8% of the total number of crimes registered by APAV.

Within the scope of formation and of awareness and prevention of violence, 1.911 formative activities took place, involving a total of 47.171 participants.

As Portugal’s biggest non-profit organization for the support of victims of crime, their families and friends, APAV aims, through this report, to provide information concerning the realities of criminality and victimization in the country.

Accepting Gabinete da Secretária de Estado da Cidadania e Igualdade (SECI)’s challenge and funding, APAV opened an emergency temporary accommodation center, with the support of multiple partners. More information available in https://www.apav.pt/apav_v3/index.php/pt/2298.

During this period of confinement, APAV is still available to support victims. Even though face-to-face services are under restrictions, the at a distance support has been reinforced, and it is available on weekdays, from 9:00 to 21:00, through Victim Support Helpline | 116 006, the Safe Internet Line | 800 21 90 90, Messenger | apav.portugal and Skype | apav_lav.