In strange and/or entertainment places

seguranca locais diversao L

Despite the fact that sexual violence often occurs in well-known and familiar places, they can also happen in:

  • Entertainment and leisure places, where several risk factors and behaviours may increase the vulnerability to sexual violence. These include the consumption of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances.
  • Less familiar places or locations – which you don’t know yet how they work, who attends them, if they are safe or not, among other aspects. This happens, for example, when you move house to a new street, neighbourhood or city, or move to a new job or educational setting.

Here are some tips that can protect you:

  • Save emergency contacts in your mobile phone.
  • Avoid walking on your own. Carry out your activities with people you trust.
  • Be aware of what surrounds you.
  • Walk in known busy and well-lit streets and areas.
  • Do neither take lifts from strangers nor offer them.
  • If you use taxis, make a note of the license plate and, for example, text it to someone you trust.
  • Do not provide personal information to people you don’t know, namely your address, telephone number or any other means of identification.
  • Avoid being in an isolated place or alone with someone you don’t know or trust.
  • At parties or entertainment venues, stay close to people you trust. Be aware of what you drink.

- Buy unopened bottled drinks or drinks that you see being prepared.

- Drink with responsibility and do not mix it with other substances.

- Don’t taste other people’s drinks or accept drinks from others.

- Always keep an eye on your drink. Cover the top with your hand. Don’t leave your drink unattended, take it with you.

  • If you feel in danger, run to a safer place or where there are more people.
  • In an emergency, call 112. The call is free of charge.

- Your call will be answered by an operator who will ask for information about what is happening and for details of the place where you are and your contact. The operator will send the appropriate resources to help you, such as the Police and the emergency ambulance services (INEM), if necessary.

- Click here to know more about the emergency number.