If happened sometime ago

  • Talk with someone you trust about what happened. Talking may help you.
  • Seek specialised help:

- Contact your doctor or a local health unit. Even if the sexual violence has occurred sometime ago, it is important that you are examined by a health professional.

- Contact APAV. APAV provides qualified, free of charge and confidential support to victims of all types of crime and violence. Here you will have access to practical, emotional, legal, psychological and/or social support, according with your specific needs. APAV will support you, regardless of reporting or not the crime you suffered. To know where we are and how you can contact us, click here.

  • Think about the possibility of reporting the crime you suffered. To know how and where to report it, click here. For some sexual crimes, such as rape, the report can be filed up to 6 months from the date the crime occurred.
  • Think carefully about undertaking forensic examination to collect proofs of the aggression. These exams can be performed in the Delegations or Centres of Legal Medicine of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses – INMLCF). Ideally these should be done swiftly and as close as possible to when the crime took place.