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The Protection Orders in the European Member States (POEMS) project:

The POEMS project was sponsored under the Daphne III program. It aimed to make an inventory of protection order legislation and practice in the Member States, to identify best practices and possible gaps, and to evaluate the level of protection offered to victims, also in the light of the European Protection Order. It did so with the help of national (expert) reports, victim interviews and literature study. The ultimate goal was to enhance the protection provided to victims. How can current laws and practices in relation to protection orders be improved? 

The conference:

The final Conference of project POEMS will take place in Lisbon, in Hotel Olissipo Oriente, on the 28th of November of 2014

Key objectives:

During the conference the results of the POEMS project will be presented and discussed. There will also be presentations on the implementation (difficulties) of the European Protection Order, the EPOgender project, and Austrian emergency barring orders.

Who should attend?

It is of interest to all persons working in the fields of victimology, gender-based violence, violence against women, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual violence, but especially for those with experience in imposing, monitoring and enforcing protection orders; and those responsible for drafting protection order legislation and implementing the European Protection Order.

Key topics:

          The European Protection Order

          Recent developments in protection order legislation in the EU Member States

          Results of the POEMS project

  • Inventory of national protection order legislation
  • Level of protection within the Member States
  • Functioning protection orders in practice
  • Best practices and possible gaps


       Language: English |  Register before the 28th of October ( limited by seating capacity of the venue ) | No registration fee