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Conference Hate no More: support to victims of hate crime | 26th September

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APAV will promote the Conference Hate no More: support to victims of hate crime, taking place in Lisbon, September 26th, at the Auditorium of Campus da Justiça.

Hate motivated crime and violence are a gross attempt to the most basic fundamental rights which affects not only the victim but also the community the victim belongs to and society at large.

Hate crimes are highly unreported because of structural, practical and, above all, social barriers faced by its victims. Furthermore, authorities have difficulties in identifying the hate motive underlying an offence which can jeopardize the correct classification of the crime as a hate crime and, consequently, the adequate support provided to and the recovery process of its victims. Finally, there is still little understanding and a great lack of awareness among society and within vulnerable communities concerning hate motivated violence and crime.

Project Hate no More aims at addressing these issues by creating raising awareness tools and multidisciplinary training for professionals, in order to improve the overall response mechanisms of the criminal justice system to current victims’ needs.

At Hate no More final conference invited speakers will discuss the more pressing issues related to the rights and needs of victims of hate crime and hate speech. Participants will also have the possibility to attend different workshops which focus on the interactions with particular groups of people which are more vulnerable to hate crimes, as well as on the investigation of these types of crime.

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