Violence against Elderly People

McCann | 2019


Volunteer Work

Campaign: "The poster that does not leave marks"
HAVAS Worldwide | 2018


Violence against Women

Campaign: "Be aware, be informed, help."
Lola NormaJean | 2018


Crimes and Hate Speech

Campaign: "Fight Hate with Respect. #respectbattles"
CARMEN / YoungNetwork | 2018


Older People Victims of Crimes and Violence

Campaign: "Ignore is to be an accomplice of this crime."
McCann | 2018


Victims of Crimes and Violence

Campaign: "It can fit anyone."
ESCS (Beatriz Matos Pires, Cristiana Soalheiro, Maria Inês Coimbra, Maria João Citério, Miguel Rosa e Sofia Fernandes) | 2018


Dating Violence

Campaign: "Give the click. Speak with APAV."
INP (Afonso Ferreira, Mário Almeida, Wagner Godoy, Miguel Martins e Carlos Fabrísio Barroso) | 2018


Internacional Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Campaign: "#NoMore1MinuteofSilence."
Partnership: SECI / CIG / Ministério Público / APAV / UMAR / MDM / APMJ / Capazes / AMCV / LFPF
Moon | 2017


Support for Migrants Victims


Campaign: "Living with fear is like living in a prison."
Lima-Limão | 2017


Victims of Crimes

Campaign: "Get rid of the fear."
Torke CC | 2017


Support at a Distance

Campaign: "There is a new way of asking for help."
HAVAS Worldwide | 2017



Campaign: "Volunteering is a visit card."
ESCS (Catarina Monteiro, Inês Queiroga, Mariana Fernandes, Mariana Mateus e Carolina Nunes) | 2017


Violence against People

Campaign: "Because you are a wonder woman, call! / Even if you think you are an iron man, call!."
Lima Limão | 2017


IRS Consignment

Campaign: "Supporting APAV only costs X."
McCann Erickson | 2017


Relatives and Friends of Homicide Victims

Campaign: "Part of us dies with who was killed."
ESCS (Carolina Higgs, Daniela Torrinha, Guilherme Carvalho, Inês Brandão e Luís Perdigão) | 2017


Dating Violence

Campaign: "Make it STOP!."
CARMEN (Young Network) | 2017


Internacional Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Campanha: "É sinal de Violência"
Rádio Comercial / PARTNERS | 2016


Domestic Violence against Men

Campaign: "This a mark on a man who is a victim of Domestic Violence."
ESCS (Alexandre Freitas, Irene Nita, Joana Oliveira, João Humberto e Margarida Marques) | 2016


Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children and Young People

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Campaign: "Sexual abuse of children and young people doesn't have to be a secret."
CARMEN (Young Network) | 2016


Associates Campaign

Campaign: "Find the Victim."
Luís Moura e Ricardo Araújo / ETIC | 2016


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "She is not the only Woman."
TVI | 2016


Victim Support Line

Campaign: “Violence hides in Silence."
HUMAN Lisboa | 2016


Dating Violence

Campaign: "If they mark you, you know who you can share with."
CARMEN (Young Network) | 2016



Campaign: “Don't buy it."
Havas Worldwide | 2015


Violence against Women

Campaign: "Don't stand watching."
ExcentricGrey | 2015


Child Labor

Campaign: "Childhood ends where work begins."
FCB Lisboa | 2015


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Catalog HOME."
FCB Lisboa | 2015


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Don't ignore!."
Havas Worldwide | 2015


Victims of Crimes

Campaign: "Freedom is not yet for everyone."
JWT | 2015


Stalking / Insistent Harassment

Campaign: "Starts with a message and end up taking over your life."
FCB Lisboa | 2015


25 years APAV

Campaign: "25 years giving voice to silence."
NOSSA | 2015


Rights of the Victims of Crime

Campaign: "Infovictims - The APAV website on the Rights of Victims of Crime."
Último Take | 2015


Trafficking in Human Beigns

Campaign: "Say no to Human Trafficking."
Legendary | 2014


Violence against Women

Campaign: "You only have to hit me once."
Reffóios Cunha / InOut | 2014


IRS Consignment

Campaign: "There are people shouting for help in the IRS form."
NOSSA | 2014


Violence against Children

Campaign: "Many Children see at night what nobody wants to see during the day."
MSTF Partners | 2013


Violence against Children and Young People

Campaign: "Your safety is not a game. Stay Connected."
Cupido | 2012


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Until the death do us part."
Lintas | 2012


Sexual Violence

Campaign: "After the no, STOP!."
GREY | 2012


Violence against Children and Young People

Campaign: "Cut the Violence."
Cupido | 2012


Immigrantes and Discrimination Victims

Campaign: "Tell us your story."
GREY | 2012


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "They tripped and knocked on the door handle..."
Euro RSCG | 2011


Campaign: "No need to be an angle to help."
Santa Fé | 2011


Tourists Victims of Crime

Campaign: "May I Help You?."
McCann Erickson | 2011


Older People Victims of Crime


Campaign: "Violence against Older People."
Cupido | 2010


20 Years APAV

Campaign: "20 Years APAV: Because there are crimes that leave scars."
Santa Fé | 2010


Crimes against Patrimony

Campaign: "If you can complicate, why facilite?."
JWT | 2010


Violence against Same-sex Relationship

Campaign: "Shout about your Rights."
Gemma | 2009


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "There are marks that no one should use."
GREY | 2008


Violence against Women

Campaign: "Violence against Women."
JWT | 2007


"This includes me" | FNGIS Partnership- Non-Governmental Forum for Social Inclusion

Campaign: "Don't let Poverty become Landscape."
McCann Erickson | 2007


Violence against Older People

Campaign: "Violence against Older People."
JWT | 2006


Victims of Crime

Campaign: "Break the Silence."
JWT | 2005


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Internacional Day for Elimination of Violence against Women."
JWT | 2004


Victims of Crime

Campaign: "Lost Hope."
McCann Erickson | 2003


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Internacional Day for Elimination of Violence against Women."
JWT | 2003


Violence against Women

Campaign: "It was him that gave it."
Park Saatchi & Saatchi | 2002


Victims of Crime

Campaign: "European Crime Victim Day."
McCann Erickson | 2002


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Reality Show."
McCann Erickson | 2000


Domestic Violence

Campaign: "Whoever agrees."
Ogilvy | 2000


Violence against Children

Campaign: "He looks like his mother / He looks like his father."
McCann Erickson | 1998



Campaign: "Institutional."
Publicis/Ciesa | 1993