Testemonies of volunteers


“I decided to work as a volunteer for APAV for two main reasons: I would be working in the field in which I have studied, and I would be helping vulnerable people. I found that in most cases the only support these people receive throughout their dailly lives is ours. It makes me proud to say: I can help, I can have a useful role in society and make a difference.

All my expectations as a volunteer for the Victim Support Office have been fulfilled. There is no greater sense of reward is than to be able to help someone who is in a position of weakness, anger, or sadness, and gunable to move on.

All victims of crimes should know that they should never give up their struggle, that their destiny is not mapped out for them, and above all that they can change their lives, in a positive way. It takes courage to ask for support. We exist for that very reason, to provide support!

Volunteering for APAV is a unique experience and very rewarding on a professional and above all personal level. We can teach a lot, but we learn much more, undoubtedly...”

Ana Cruz Lourenço
28 years old
Volunteer for the Victim Support Office in Porto





“My participation with the volunteer team at APAV occurred somewhat by chance, with no application on my part. A frind of mine was registered with APAV, but was unavailable at  a time when they needed her help. That is how I first came in to contact with the organisation. As a matter of fact, I have always been an active member of society and have participated in other voluntary projects, so I was happy to be asked to support the team working in training and statistics. I am motivated by the fact that a small amount of help can contribute  to the better functioning of organisations such as APAV which are so important in our society.

My work consists of statistical analysis of APAV’s training projects, and this has allowed me to  be a “Pro Bono Friend”. That is, I work from home, which gives me more flexibility to organise my schedule around my full time job.

Everyone has  skills and abilities that can be used to help others for the common good. You don't need to invest a great amount of time, and your sex, age and race are irrelevant. Most of all, you do not need a specific area of expertise since you can contribute in a variety of areas. What other motivation could you need!”

Andreia Marques
24 years old
Volunteer at APAV’s Training Centre