The Volunteer at APAV


Volunteers with the Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima carry their volunteering activities in a willing, interest free and responsible way, contributing directly or indirectly supporting successfully the victims of crime, their families and/or friends. Their work is done within the principles stated in the statutes of the Association and complying with the contract programme they signed with APAV.

At APAV there are two approaches to volunteering and both aim at supporting the victim, although more directly in the first than in the second one:

Social volunteering for victim support: this first type includes the volunteers who provide frontline support. The Manager 's role in supporting and monitoring the volunteer's work aims at ensuring that the principles and standard victim support activities are complied with.

Social volunteering for other services: this second type of volunteering includes graduate and non-graduate volunteers who want to collaborate with APAV in areas other than frontline victim support. Examples are: researchers, translators, public relations specialists, administrative staff, designers, nurses, doctors, etc. These volunteers can be part of the Pro Bono Friend programme.