Our Principles and Values


The Portuguese Association for Victim Support recognises itself as:

» A NON-PROFIT, CHARITABLE organisation;

» A NATIONAL organisation assisted by VOLUNTEERS;

» Integrated in to international networks, on EUROPEAN and GLOBAL scale;

» INDEPENDENT and AUTONOMOUS with respect political  and other institutions;


» Ruled by the principle of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND TREATMENT;

» Ruled by the principle of NON-DISCRIMINATION with respect to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic condition, schooling level, ideology and others personal characteristics;

» Promoting RESTORATIVE justice and practices for conflit resolution;

» Providing FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and QUALITY services for all victims of crime;

» Centred on the position of VICTIM, respecting their decisions and opinions;

» An ACTIVE VOICE in the defense and promotion of vistims rights, needs and interests;

» A centre of KNOWLEDGE, RESEARCH and EXPERTISE in matters related to victims of crime and violence.