Who we are?

The Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) is a private charitable organisation, recognised by law with statutory objective to inform, protect and support citizens who have been victims of crime.

It is a non-profit organisation assisted by volunteers, which supports victims of crime, in a personal, sensitive and professional way, through the provision of free and confidential services.

Founded on 25 June 1990, it has offices nationwide, with headquarters in Lisbon.

To succeed in its mission, APAV aims:

» To promote the protection and support available to victims of crime in particular those victims with fewer economic resources.

» To achieve this  by means of information spread, personalised counselling and guidance, and all kinds of assistance moral, social, legal, psychological and economic;

» To liaise with all relevant entities and stakeholders the police, social security agencies, health centres, local authorities, autonomous regions, and any other private or public bodies dealing with crime and victims of crime;

» To foster and promote social solidarity, particularly through the creation of networks of volunteer collaborators and social sponsors, as well as through victim-offender mediation and other practices for restorative justice;

» To assist and sponsor research in to the problems victim’s face, so that their interests can be satisfied in a more adequate manner;

» To promote and participate in programs and projects which raise public awareness of crime and the victims of crime;

» To contribute to the adoption of laws, regulations and administrative measures which in crease the protection and support available to victim of  crime, with a view to reducing the risk of victimhood and its effects;

» To liaise with international organisations, and work closely with similar bodies in other countries.