In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of the services provided, while maintaining its core philosophy, APAV implemented a Quality Management System. This was based on the following principles:

» In accordance with its mission statement, APAV will always strive to make any changes which will increase the quality of its support to victims;

» Consistent with APAV's Principles and Values, these changes focus, primarily on Training, Quality and Communication;

» APAV seeks to ensure the continuous professional development of its staff and volunteers, to foster the growth of a team spirit, and to provide healthy, hygienic and safe working environment.


Taking Training, Quality and Communication as its core foundations, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) seek the following goals:

» An increase in the proportion of victims receiving support;

» Expansion and improvement of the national network of victim support service (Victim Support Offices, Shelters, UAVIDRE, among others);

» Expansion and development of the national network of volunteers/trainees;

» Strenghening of the Training Centre’s role, with respect to APAV staff and others;

» Development of new methods to monitor and assess quality;

» Increase in output of academic studies of victim support on a national and international level;

» Promotion and monitoring of practices of restorative justice;

» Continued investment in information and communication technologies;

» Increased participation in programs, and project which raisie public awareness.