Being a Volunteer


APAV is a social volunteering organisation.

Volunteers represent the strength behind APAV and are the  main reason for its success. They each contribute several hours a week to provide unpaid support to victims of crime.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts!



Social volunteering is about doing something in an unselfish way, to serve people and the community without seeking any personal gain. A volunteer is any person who, freely, generously and responsibly, commits whatever free time they can to serve and promote an organisation or charitable cause.

The rights and responsibilities of volunteers  with respect to the volunteer organisation, the  groups that organisation serves other volunteers, and society in general are governed and protected by law.

An APAV volunteer is someone who, respective the principles enshrined in the Association’s statutes, offers his/her time on an unpaid basic, contributing directly or indirectly to supporting  victims of crime, their relatives and their friends.

At APAV, there are two different types of volunteer. The first are volunteers  who care directly for the victim. These volunteers are people who have demonstrated they have the personal and social skills to sensitivelysupport victims of crime. For example they must be tolerant, respecful, personable and committed to their role. They will also have demonstrated their techinical competence as counselors.

The second type are those who offer other services such as research, translation, public relations, administration and healthcare. This type includes a group of Pro Bono Friends, qualified professionals who work from home to assist APAV on an unpaid basis.