Our Strategy


The Strategic Plan is a key document for planning the development of any organisation.  APAV’s Strategic Plan Strategy 2008 – 2012 identifies the major goals to be achieved in a timeframe of five years, and - it has promoved to be a valuable management, markting and political tool. The goals highlighted are developed according to annual Activity Plans consistent with the longer term strategy. The Activity Plans target specific priorities for each year.

The preparation of the Strategic Plan is a unique opportunity to focus on the main goals of the Association on a medium-term and encourage wider involvement in decision-making within the organisation; by support staff (those working in head office, GAV/BVS administrators, Shelters, and other groups to be created), by volunteers, by trainees, and by any other groups contributing to the Association. The aim is to promote integration between all areas of APAV's operations and their economic, social and political contexts. It is also important as a means to develop team spirit among the staff and encourage their active participation in the  future of the organisation.

Accordingly, the Strategic Plan – which came in to being at a crucial time for the organisation – emphaises a shift increased participation of support staff, volunteers, administrative teams, victims and other users of the services APAV provides. In this vein a discussion session was held among the central services headquarters, BVS, Shelters and other units, which  primarily focused on the content of the Strategic Plan. The results of this discussion were very positive with a high level of participation and debate, and many suggestions for the content of the Strategic Plan 2008-2012.

The Strategic Plan 2008-2012 has consolidation at its heart.


»      of the direction of APAV's mission;

» of its image and identity;

» of its organisational structure;

» of its technical approach;

» of its management style;

» of its approach to working with volunteer ;

» of its culture of participation in decision making processes;

» of its partnerships with other organisations;

» of its research & development strategy;

» of its quality assessment mechanisms;

» of the size of its national network of local victim support services.


To ensure APAV's ongoing development, the Strategic Plan continues to prioritise innovation, creativity, responsibility, staff motivation, training, quality, multi-disciplinary perspectives and partnerships with other institutions.

The Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012 has the following overarching goals:  TRAINING, QUALITY AND COMMUNICATION.