Our Organisation



The evolution away from a top-down hierarchy, towards a more functional network structure was onde of the main aims of the restructuring process that began in 1998. It has continued ever since as APAV responds to the changing internal and external environment. This structure helps to ensure that human and material resources are used in the most efficient manner and in the areas where they are most needed.

APAV, as a private organisation, has the following elected governing bodies:

» General Assembly: made up of all associates who effectively perform functions and have reserved competences, specifically in the definition of APAV’s performance fundamental lines.

» Fiscal Council: whose function is internal supervision within the association, specifically ensuring compliance with legal regulations and statutes, and overseeing managerial reports, financing and the auditing of accounts.

» Management: this is APAV’s executive organ. It represents the association,  conducttop and strategic management, defines goals and strategies, and ensures the organisation works under the desired functional, team-based structure.


Management is supported by two bodies with a consultative status: the Council of Founding Associates and the Consultative Council of Administrators.

The central services headquarters exist to promote a strong public awareness, and also to  enable communication, planning and performance assessment at a national level. The headquarters also provides technical and logistical support for the national  network of offices, as well as supervising the network's procedures and practices. The centrak services headquarters’ has representations in Porto, APAV Açores (APAV’s Açores Regional Commission), the national network of victim support offices, and the national network of shelters.








In accordance with statute, all income generated and received, is used solely for the maintenance of APAV's operations and the financing of activities to support victims of crime.

The Association’s income has been guaranteed by a set of sources, namely:

» annual contributions paid by members;

» donations – made in cash, assets or services;

» the Protocol with the Government of the Portuguese Republic;

» amounts from other partnership agreements, signed in order to achieve specific objectives;

» maintenance agreements with the Social Security Institute for providing – shelter protection;

» provision of training, counseling and consulting services, within the scope of victim support;

» co-financing by other institutions, in particular the European Commission projects implemented by APAV;

» amounts paid to APAV by offenders or those convicted in criminal preoceedings – as a condition for the provisional suspension of additional penalty – by court.


Over 50% of funding comes from sources other than the Government, so social sponsoring and donations are a very important part of the funding APAV receives, together with funding from European projects.