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APAV hosted VSE International Staff Exchange

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During the week of November 8 to 12, a visit to Lisbon was promoted by Victim Support Europe and organized by APAV. From Estonia, we received four representatives of the Estonian Social Insurance Board; and from Croatia, one representative of the Victim and Witness Support Service and another of Service for Victim and Witness Support of Justice and Public Administration ministry.  

During these days, we spoked about communication and shared some ideas on how to spread relevant information to the victims. There was also a chance to get to know the work developed in Alcipe’s Shelter Home and also to visit the facilities of the Integrated Distance Support Services. It was debated awareness campaigns, fundraisings and how to manage the relation with the media; the ceremony of APAV’s Journalism Award 2021 was also a part of the schedule.

These international exchange moments are fundamental to the process of sharing ideas on how the different countries are responding to the challenges, that are mostly common. Due to this information exchange we can evolve and learn new approaches that may always come in handy. 

Presentation | Project WithYou: accompaniment of victims and witnesses in the justice system

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The Portuguese Association for Victim Support, with the support of Attorney General's Office, promoted on the 4th November the presentation session of the Project With You: accompaniment of victims and witnesses in the justice system, in Lisbon. 

The session was attended by a diversified panel and promoted the debate and reflection upon the perks of victims and witnesses accompanying by a specialized skilled technician, in the multiple procedural steps during their participation in the justice system. 

The event was originated from an extensive research developed in the scope of Project With You: accompaniment of victims and witnesses in the justice system, with the purpose of contributing for the decrease in secondary victimization and/or repeated, that results from the participation of crime victims and witnesses during criminal proceedings. The project, developed in partnership with Attorney General's Office, National Republican Guard,  eneral Directorate of the Administration of Justice, France Victims, Social Reintegration Institute of Euskadi (Netherlands), Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia and Viesoji Istaiga Vilniaus Pazangiu Studiju Institutas (Vilnius Advanced Studies Institute, Lithuania), with the funding of European Union’s Justice Program.

Youtube: Project With You - Part 1

Youtube: Project With You - Part 2

Data Detox Kit - Portuguese Version

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As part of the European Cybersecurity Month, which takes place in October, APAV has launched the physical and digital version of Data Detox Kit - Portuguese Version.

Data Detox Kit is an activity book to help young people take control of their technology. This is an interactive tool Kit that intends to encourage young people to think about different aspects of their digital lives, from their social media profiles up to their passwords, with simple activities to reflect upon and have fun. 

This kit is divided in four sections - Digital Privacy, Digital Security, Digital Well-being and Misinformation - it has as primary recipients young people that already possess their own  devices, but it can be used by people of all ages.

Data Detox Kit, created by Tactical Tech, was translated to Portuguese by APAV and it can be consulted ou downloaded here:  

Data Detox Kit (digital version)
Data Detox Kit (printed version)

APAV present at EFUS Conference

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APAV was present in the Security, Democracy and Cities Conference, promoted by the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) in Nice, between 20 and 22th October.

EFUS is an European network and organization devoted to the promotion of the cooperation, support and debate about local and regional crime and urban security prevention issues. Founded in 1987, it gathers 250 cities and regions of 15 countries. The conference counted with the following participants: the ellected locals, such as autarchies presidentes, autarchies public employees, policial forces, professionals of the social sector,  academics and representatives of the private sector and civil society. 

João Lázaro, APAV’s President, was the moderator of the panel regarding the session "The challenge of promoting safe and sustainable urban tourism", that focused on the challenges on sustained tourism in cities , considering the desired comeback of tourism at the same time which the security of the permanent residents is assured, as well as the need of security and respect for the human rights, namely the crime victims.

For more information: 

Sara de Melo Rocha wins APAV Award for Journalism

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Journalist Sara de Melo Rocha, from TSF, is the winner of the third edition of APAV Award for Journalism, with the report The letters I’ve never wrote, The silences of domestic violence survivors.

The panel highlighted that this work “presents an aesthetic that takes us to something almost fictional, although it isn’t,, giving space to the power of the victims’ voices and words. It sets a difference on its presentation and in the way it offers the listener a narrative in several voices. It is also noteworthy that this work was developed outside of a big urban centre, revealing the importance of local journalism and proving that there is always a story to be told everywhere.” 

The ceremony of APAV Award for Journalism 2021 was hosted in Lisbon , on El Corte Inglês’ room of Cultural Scope, on the 8th November and it was attended by the winner, Sara de Melo Rocha, APAV’s President, João Lázaro; the Head of Communication of El Corte Inglês, Susana Santos and Founding Member and President of the APAV's General Assembly Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio, who participated remotely in this event.  

APAV Award for Journalism has a monetary value of 1.500€, sponsored by El Corte Inglés, and it was also awarded a trophy by designer Gonçalo Falcão. 

The winning piece can be consulted here.