In pursuit of its mission – to support victims of crime by providing quality support services – APAV has from the start tried to get a better understanding of its target population. For this purpose APAV uses statistical indicators to better understand:

» The work carried out by APAV;

» The nature of victims and those seeking support;

» The nature of offenders;

» The nature of victimhood.


Based on these indicators, it has been possible for us to trace the development of issues relating to victimhood through time.

As indicated by its name, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support assists victims of crime, and the types of crimes are spread over 5 main categories:

» Domestic violence (physical abuse, mental abuse, threats/coercion, defamation/slurs, child abduction, violation of alimony, rape, sexual abuse, homicide, other crimes in a domestic setting);

» Crimes against persons and against humanity (homicide, physical harm, ill treatment and violation of safety regulations, kidnapping/abduction, threats/coercion, rape, sexual abuse, other sexual crimes, child prostitution, pimping, smuggling of migrants, people trafficking for labour or sexual exploitation, slavery, defamation/slurs, medical neglect, discrimination, other crimes against persons);

» Crimes against property (theft, robbery, property damage, embezzlement, fraud, other crimes against property);

» Crimes against life in society and State (document forgery, spread of disease, pollution and environmental damage, fire/arson, corruption, abuse of power, other crimes against life in society and State);

» Road traffic crimes (manslaughter, hit and run, bodily harm, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, failing to offer help, other road traffic crimes);

» Other crimes (drugs trafficking, other crimes).





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