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Victim Support Europe promotes conference on Online Victimisation: Developing a Comprehensive Response

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Victim Support Europe will hold a conference on the subject of "Online Victimisation: Developing a Comprehensive Response". The conference will take place at the Representation of Free State of Bavaria to the EU, in Brussels, on the December 12th.

The conference will bring together VSE member representatives and other EU officials to discuss a holistic approach to supporting victims of cybercrime. Much of the focus and prioritisation of work in the field has been on law enforcement, removal of images etc., without sufficient attention to supporting people who have been victimised.

At the same time, awareness raising and prevention need to be an integral part of any support service working on cybercrime. The conference will therefore explore these two different aspects of support, how they are best delivered and how this is achieved with victims from different areas such as fraud, bullying, non-consensual sexual image sharing, stalking etc.

Conference programme