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Presentation | Data Detox x Youth

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Data Detox x Youth,is now available, an activity kit to help young people control their technology. This is an interactive tool that aims to encourage the young people to think about the different aspects of their digital lives, from their Social Media Profiles to Passwords, with simple activities for reflection and fun.    

Young people, and society in general, are now more dependent on technology than ever before. It becomes increasingly important to question the apps and platforms we use every day to socialize, exercise, learn and share.

Data Detox x Youth encourages young people to ask questions such as: "Who has access to my data?", "Do I have control over it?", "What does my online profile look like?"

This kit is divided into four sections -Digital Privacy, Digital Security, Digital Welfare and Disinformation - and its main recipients are young people who already have their own devices, but can be used by people of all ages.

The Data Detox Kit, created by Tactical Tech, is free and will be available in digital and physical formats. It is currently available in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German.