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February 6 | International Day of Zero Tolerance Against Female Genital Mutilation

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Today, February 6, marks the International Day of Zero Tolerance Against Female Genital Mutilation. Female Genital Mutilation constitutes a serious violation of Human Rights and, particulary, a way of violence against womans.

It is recognized as a global phenomenon. The latest data estimate that in Europe there are about 600,000 women and girls living with the physical and psychological consequences of FGM/C and that around 180,000 girls in 13 countries are at risk of being subjected to FGM/C.

FGM/C comprises all procedures that involve the total or partial removal of the external female genital organs, or that cause injuries to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

According to WHO, the reasons why the FGM/C is praticed include a mixutre of socio-cultural fatores that characterize families and comunities. Not found in any religion foundation for FGM/C, being the mainenance of the pratice relalated to wrong beliefs about a girl’s development and her preparation to be woman; about sexuality, femininity, fidelity and / or hygiene.

APAV, through Support Unit for Migrant Victims and Discrimination (UAVMD), provides legal, psychological and social support services specialized services to migrant people who are victims of crime and / or victims of specific forms of violence, namely FGM/C.

Victim Support Line | 116 006

UAVMD | 21 358 79 14 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.