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Portuguese version of the Victim Support Europe Manifesto

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APAV launched the Portuguese version of the 2014-2019 Victim Support Europe Manifesto, which aims to be an asset to the future European Parliament Act. It is time to act in the defense of approximately 75 million crime victims (direct or indirect) per year at the European Union. The time has come for policy makers and legislators to exercise their function and play a key role in providing the necessary means of turning the rights of victims of crime in the EU into an effective everyday reality.

This important document was prepared by Victim Support Europe (a European network bringing together 34 organizations that assist victims of 25 European countries, of which APAV is a founding member and holds the vice president position). In effect, the document contains 10 challenges and 10 objectives.

Victim Support Europe is expected to completely and comprehensively implement the policy for victims of crime in all the EU member states. APAV monitors and supports this challenge and requirement, and Portugal and its government must take greater responsibility for Portugal, as the country belongs to the historical origin of earlier legal instruments of the European Union, namely the rights of victims of crime.

Victim Support Europe Manifesto 2014-2019 [Portuguese Version]