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April | Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month

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April is the Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. Any child or youngster can be a victim of violence, physical, psychological, or sexual, face to face or online, no matter the age, sex, or socioeconomic status. Nevertheless, this does not have to last forever. All of us can and should help to fight this problem.

If you know a child or youngster victim of violence, listen to them and most important ask for help. Tell them there is someone who can help and that you will always be by their side. If you are a child or youngster victim of abuse, do not hesitate: ask for help to an adult you trust.

In April, and always, we have the duty to protect children and youngsters and to prevent any form of violence. We are all very important security agents of all the members of our community!

APAV publishes the magazine MISCELLANEA #9

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APAV presents its 9th edition of Miscellanea APAV. The magazine publishes cientific and reflexion articles on topics related to crime victims and to victim support.

This 9th edition of Miscellanea APAV is a special number focused on the different awareness campaigns promoted by APAV throughout the years. The previous editions may be found here.

Miscellanea APAV #9 is available online, both in PDF and E-Book.

Barometer APAV/Intercampus: Population’s Perception on Cibersecurity

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APAV has presented the conclusions of Barometer APAV/Intercampus on “Population’s Perception on Cibersecurity". The survey on cybersecurity was developed under a partnership between APAV and Intercampus, which resulted in a questionnaire to test the Portuguese population.

The information was collected through online interviews, between 27th February and 8th March 2020. The survey consists mainly in close questions on, for example, internet access frequency, online activities, perceptions on cybersecurity, perceptions on cybercrime and support structures for cybercrime victims.

Some relevant conclusions:

  • 24% of the respondents consider to be very well informed about the cybercrime risks;
  • Only 10% of the respondents state to have knowledge of any Portuguese support structure for cybercrime victims;
  • 17% of the respondents know about Safe Internet Line, and 7% of those have contacted or know someone that contacted the Safe Internet Line;

The Barometer APAV/Intercampus conclusions were presented on 23rd April, at 17h, via live transmission on APAV’s Instagram. Ricardo Estrela, manager of Safe Internet Line, and Clara Francisco, from Intercampus, talked about the topic.

The document is available here.

APAV 30 Years | APAV joins Queerfest Festival

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The Queerfest Festival will take place on 8, 11 and 12th September, at PENHA SCO (Lisbon) SMUP (Parede), led by Rui Eduardo Paes and Maria do Mar. The festival is dedicated to queer music and performance, but it is also a place for reflexion and debate. Among music, performance and activism, the festival is a space for new projects and voices, the goal being to fight against discrimination, homophobia, sexism and xenophobia.

APAV is partnering up with Queerfest as part of its 30th birthday celebration program. The festival is promoting a fundraising campaign online in order to make the event possible.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/queerfestlx/.

If you can’t turn it off, call us

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APAV has released a new awareness campaign against domestic violence: “If you can’t turn it off, call us”. The campaign creatives are HAVAS Portugal.

In the midst of mandatory social isolation, APAV draws attention to the possible rise of domestic violence and reminds people they can ask help through the Victim Support Helpline|116 006, Messenger|apav.portugal or Skype | apav_lav.